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Invitation to Participate

Hey it's Mystery ...



The very fact that you are reading this hidden page means


You are one of the chosen ones

for our Mystery & Beckster Masterclass PUA Training Program.

We can't wait to get started!
Choose your payment option below:


1. Standard Bootcamp (SB)  
Duration: 2 days, 2 nights (Fri - Sat)

   - Intensive training sessions
   - Group activities fo
r hands-on practice
   - Networking opportunities  

Investment: $4997 USD





2. Masterclass Bootcamp (MB 
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights (Thur - Sun)
   - Advanced training sessions with experts
   - Personalized feedback and mentoring
   - Exclusive activities and challenges
   - Elite networking opportunities
   - Limited participant number for focused attention  

Investment: $9997 USD





3. Residential Masterclass Bootcamp (RMB) 
Duration: 4 ½ days, 4 nights (Thur - Mon till checkout)  
   - All features of Masterclass Bootcamp
   - Live-in experience akin to 'Project Hollywood'
   - Personal rooms for participants
   - Intensive daily interactions with Mystery and Beckster

   - An opportunity to observe and learn from experts in a real-life setting
   - Extremely limited space for exclusivity  
Investment: $14,997 USD


Payment in full via PayPal

Deposit ONLY via PayPal

Payment in full via PayPal

Deposit ONLY via PayPal

Deposit ONLY via PayPal

To pay in full, you must pay both the $9997 and $4997 amounts

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