60+ New and Classic Pickup Artist Openers & Gambits.

Hear the material as it was meant to be performed. Listen to Mystery's delivery so you can truly understand how to run the material. Learn how to Open groups of people in social situations with Openers that have worked wonders. It's all about cold approach pickup.



Hey Guys! contains 60+ proven and field tested openers and gambits, spoken by Mystery (Erik von Markovik) as well as ...

  • Intro to Opening groups (cold approach pickup)
  • Thoughts on structured & unstructured game
  • Notes on Delivery (of your material)
  • List of PUA props - items & accessories to take with you when you go out
  • Guide to Auto-Responders, Pre-Openers and False Time Constraints
  • Exclusive additional commentary by Mystery


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Hey Guys is GOLD!!! If you aren’t listening to this, and reciting it with him then you’re missing out. Why? Because you hear and get to practice the delivery, the pauses, the tone, the inflections and volume all at once. Again it’s Gold. Cannot stress that enough! And super thankful to have it!" ~ Tenn. (PUA)


Happy Listening.

Love, Mystery

Hey Guys! Audiobook - Spoken by Mystery Himself

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